Introduction to Big Smartie

According to executives, nearly half of all strategic initiatives fail.

There are two reasons strategy fails. Either there is a flaw in the strategic plan, or the strategy fails in execution. The root cause of both failures is confusion around what strategy is and what it is not. Conceptually, strategic intent answers the question of “why.” The trouble comes when strategic objectives and executional tactics replace strategic intent. A classic mistake, but one that can be avoided when these are understood as separate but connected elements in an overall business framework. After years of observing the weaknesses in traditional strategic approaches, we developed a better method, a proven method that will clear up the confusion and optimize your resources. We call it Big Smartie. Because it makes everyone work a little smarter.

Our fail-safe approach starts with the leadership team agreeing on “why,” which we call a Decision Platform. This is followed by setting strategic objectives, which we call goals, and then finally developing a tactical action plan. With Big Smartie, every level of management can have access to the Decision Platform. We also built in a set of checks and balances that allows the business leadership team to respond rapidly to market changes while maintaining the continuity and integrity of the game plan. It’s why those who use the system experience great results.

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