289% increase in revenue



International Aero Interiors, an aircraft interiors company, was on life support when new ownership took over. In addition to being unprofitable, the company had a declining reputation within the industry..



The primary need of their customers was to get their planes back in the air faster. The brand looked weak and outdated. Nothing like the major player that the new owners envisioned the company becoming. The brand identity and messaging did little to instill confidence in their audience. Operational efficiency needed improvement while still inspiring employees. Volant’s team was more knowledgeable than the competition, leaving the door wide open for them to become known for saving the customer from their own mistakes.



The first project focused on setting a solid direction for making the company profitable. Renamed them Volant which means “to take flight” — driven by customers need to get their planes back in the air faster. Provided the leadership team with a clear and unified vision of the future and the motivation to get reach their goals. Developed an approach for consistently applying Volant’s message to all customer communication.



  • Increasing sales 298%, Volant became profitable ahead of schedule.
  • Volant is now the market leader in the category.
  • Volant dramatically increased their value in the eyes of stakeholders.
  • Operations adjusted to respond more quickly and effectively to customer needs.